Why Ice Box Portable Cold Storage?

For all of you in the restaurant business or food service of any kind you know, when it comes to refrigeration breaking down, its not a matter of “if” but “when”, because it will happen.  And I can’t back this up with science but I’d say your equipment is more likely to break at night, on the weekend or over a major holiday.  Couple that with the shrinking skilled labor pool of commercial refrigeration mechanics and you could easily be faced with days if not weeks before you can get your equipment repaired.  Now how are you going to run a restaurant with no freezer or cooler?  Well, you can’t!

And now with a trailer from Ice Box Portable Cold Storage you don’t have to.  Dispatching 24/7/365 from Montgomery and covering Alabama and NW Florida we will bring a cooler trailer or freezer trailer to your facility, plug in, make cold air and save the day.

From my lifetime in the foodservice industry I know when something is broken the owner or operator “just wants it fixed”.  Now!  With that in mind I made it a part of my business model to go when you need me.  Since opening two years ago that has meant working on most major holidays or the eve of the holiday.  And that’s just fine.  My goal is to get you operating so you can make some money.

So, if your equipment lets you down call Ice Box Portable Cold Storage today.

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