Top ten reasons a cooler trailer or freezer trailer from Ice Box is better than any alternative

Hey folks, Don here with Ice Box Portable Cold Storage, with the top ten reasons a cooler trailer or freezer trailer from Ice Box is better than any alternative.

  • Rapid Response. We dispatch within one hour of your call and strive to deliver our service area in no more than four hours. Many calls are handled in less than two hours.
  • Space. Our trailers hold a lot of product yet fit into a single parking space on your lot.
  • Options. Ice Box cooler trailers and freezer trailers run off of regular household current, 115v with a 20 amp dedicated circuit. Every facility has this.  If you can plug in a lamp you can operate our trailers.
  • No power at your facility? No problem!  Our trailers all come equipped with a gas generator (no extra charge) and can make power anywhere.
  • While we’re on power. If you are thinking about using a refrigerated semi, know that it runs on diesel fuel.  Expensive, smelly and loud!  Another common option is renting a converted shipping container.  Better have an electrician on retainer to wire that up for you.  And have 230 volt power available.  More expense and hassle you don’t need!
  • Unsafe. While we’re talking about refrigerated semi’s have you thought about how you will get in and out of it?  Better get your ladder because the floor of the semi is about 5’ off the ground.  And carrying heavy boxes of food up and down a ladder, not safe!
  • All of our trailers can be accessed with one little step up from ground level.  No climbing!
  • Trailers from Ice Box are neat and clean and have a bright light in back for your convenience if working after dark.
  • Bells and whistles. Our doors are lockable (we provide the locks at no charge) and our refrigeration unit is quiet!  You can stand right under it and have a normal conversation.
  • Okay that’s only 9 reasons. Number 10 is this, I want your business.  Give me a call, you won’t be disappointed.

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