Reflections 2019

If I had to summarize the year 2019 in a word that word would be “thankful”.  Ice Box had a great year!  We met approximately 35 new customers and got reacquainted with many repeat customers.  Business took us to locations from North Georgia to North Florida and everywhere in between.  Cities and towns large and small.

In addition to food service operations we served, for the first time ever, florists and football teams in 2019.  Band camps and softball tournaments. Graduations and inaugurations.  And the list goes on.  But more satisfying than the new customers is how we got them in the first place.  Referrals!  Our great customers are referring business to us.  And that’s very gratifying.  It validates that what were doing is on point.  Thank you!

Many businesses use this time of year to set their prices for the upcoming year.  I’m doing the same thing but I’m not raising prices while you are distracted by the Christmas lights.  In fact I’m holding the line on pricing.  My 2020 prices will be the same as my 2019 prices.  No increase!  Merry Christmas from my outfit to yours!

And remember, “When you lose your cool, we come to the rescue”.

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