Ice Box Portable Cold Storage 2020 year in review

I’m going to throw you a curveball here and NOT talk about Covid-19, the pandemic, or how it almost killed my business, etc. In fact, Ice Box actually had a great year despite all that. In 2020 we added approximately 20 new customers and served dozens of repeat customers. I love the repeat business. When they call it validates that our business model is on target and we are providing the service people want and need. That will continue.

In addition to the regular restaurant customers, we served; florists, caterers, schools, government feeding programs, band camps, nursing homes and city festivals among others. We provided relief after Hurricane Sally and even did some community service jobs at reduced rates for very good causes.

And as in the past we responded to calls around the clock. Holidays and weekends too. I even left the dinner table on my birthday to service one of my great local customers.

Sad to report though that early in the year I had to decline several calls for business because I just didn’t have enough equipment to go around. I fixed that in June when I added a new trailer to the fleet.

Moving ahead to 2021 I plan to keep on keeping on. God is good and has provided for us and I see no reason to change. My rates will remain largely unchanged although I will be adding a “convenience fee” for those who wish to pay by credit card. I’ve been “eating” the 3% fee but there was a sharp spike in credit card payments this year and that fee was a pretty significant expense.

Thank you for your business and your continued support of Ice Box Portable Cold Storage LLC

And remember, “When you lose your cool, we come to the rescue”.

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