Ice Box customers fall into two general categories. For simplicities sake we will call them “Planned” and “Unplanned”.

Ice Box customers fall into two general categories.  For simplicities sake we will call them “Planned” and “Unplanned”.

“Unplanned” first.  This call comes in because some operator’s refrigeration alarm has gone off in the middle of the night or they show up to open the shop and there’s melted ice cream running out of the freezer door.  Oops!  We’ve got a problem and we need help now!  Do you have a trailer available?  Yes.  How fast can you get here?  It’s for these situations that I made my business a 24/7/365 operation.  Nights, weekends and, yes, holidays too.  I understand because I’ve been that operator facing that same situation.  Back in my day though there were no cooler trailers or freezer trailers.  Now food service operators in Alabama and NW Florida have Ice Box Portable Cold Storage at their disposal.

“Planned” customers.  These are the maintenance people, the Operations Directors of the restaurants, hotels or nursing homes.  These are the customers who have equipment that is operational but needs repair.  Or maybe they are outgrowing their current equipment and need to tear it out and build bigger.  These are the operations that have spikes in business that overwhelm their permanent equipment and they need extra refrigeration or freezing on a temporary basis.  IE: BBQ restaurants around the 4th of July and Labor Day.  These are the construction sites that need water and ice available for their workers.  These are the caterers doing a destination wedding where they have no access to any refrigeration.  Florists too.  On a hot summer day, flower arrangements will wilt in a heartbeat if not refrigerated.

A trailer from Ice Box Portable Cold Storage can also be used as a “cold recovery room” for athletes.  Think football practices and games.  Athletes playing both ways.  Easy to get overheated!  Or softball tournaments or band competitions that last all day.  If an athlete is suffering from the heat what are you going to do?  What options do you have to cool them down?  Give cold water?  Turn the hose on them?  Maybe you have a giant tub full of ice water handy to submerge them… but I doubt it.  If your tournament host is proactive he can have a trailer from Ice Box Portable Cold Storage on location and available should an athlete need cooling down.

Any time you need temporary portable cold storage in a convenient package —-

Ice Box Portable Cold Storage.

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