Ice Box Blog 5 – Providing solutions

If you are in business you are selling something.  Either a product or a service.  If it’s a product you have a menu with a price and your customer picks what he wants, pays for it and off he goes.

Now if your business is providing a service you’ve got to pump the brakes for a second.  It’s not always as simple as selecting from a menu.  At Ice Box Portable Cold Storage we provide portable freezers and refrigerators but that’s only the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  First and foremost we deliver the cooler trailer or freezer trailer to your job site.  Your restaurant, nursing home, school, off site catering, construction site, tailgate and so on.  And we deliver when you need it.  Early morning, late at night, weekends, holidays, etc.  We work on your schedule.

We fully train your employees on the (simple) use and operation of our trailers. We make sure the trailers are running and set to the temperature you choose.  We provide locks and other security devices with our trailers (at no additional cost) to keep your products safe and secure while in our trailers.  We don’t leave your place of business until you are completely comfortable with our trailer and operating out of it.  Even then we are only a phone call away if there’s a problem.  And that phone is answered 24/7/365.

As your portable refrigeration solution provider we are fully invested in your satisfaction with our service.  We want you to be happy enough to use us again and again and to tell your friends too!

So next time you are expanding, remodeling, broken down or have any need for portable refrigeration or freezing solutions call Ice Box Portable Cold Storage.

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