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Frequently Asked Questions


Our prices are posted for all to see on our website. They are $195/$995/$3100
No, our units run on regular household power. Any 115 volt, 20 amp dedicated circuit will do it
No, must be plugged into a power source at the job site
No, runs on regular household power
Yes and we provide the locks at no additional cost
Our service area for emergency calls is about 200 miles from our home base near Mobile, Al. But for planned maintenance we can go farther
Our units will freeze OR refrigerate but not bot at they same time. It’s one or the other per trailer.
The trailer is 430 cu ft and will hold up to 8000# of whatever you’ve got.
Even though our name says “Ice” we aren’t in the ice business. All we do is make cold air.
No, our trailers are capable of “0” and will maintain that within +/- 4 degrees but we can’t go sub zero.
No, our prices are clearly stated on the web page and when your gear breaks down at an odd time like a night, weekend or holiday we wouldn’t take advantage of that by charging an emergency rate. Some competitors will but we won’t.
No, one little step up is all it takes to get in or out of our trailer. If you can do the Captain Morgan pose you can get into our trailer.