Extraordinary and Unusual Demands

I just read an article published in USA Today and republished in my local paper, The Montgomery Advertiser, that I want to comment on.

The long and short of it is people in the trailer rental business have been leasing their trucks (and trailers like mine) for use as temporary morgues for the storage of human cadavers.  The need was great as I’m sure you are aware because of the extraordinary numbers of deaths caused by the Coronavirus.

I want my customer base in Alabama and NW Florida to know I did not and will not lease my trailers for this purpose.  My business model is dedicated to the food service industry in all its many forms.  I never know if I’ll have ice blocks or ice cream, bananas or blintzes, pastries or potatoes but rest assured I will not store human bodies.  It’s really not unsafe but the perception (in my mind) is strong and negative.

Now let’s shift gears and talk about cleaning. My typical customer stores food in my trailers.  With that in mind I deliver them clean and ready for service.  Depending on how the previous customer used my trailer it may only need a sweep out or I may have to get in there with the pressure washer or somewhere in between.  If we use the hose, I always run the fan to dry the trailer.  Just like in your permanent freezer or cooler, wet floors in the trailer are slippery and dangerous.  So, I work hard to deliver a clean, dry trailer that’s ready to use.

And that’s my pledge to you, when you lose your cool we come to the rescue (with a clean dry trailer that hasn’t been used for cadavers).

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