Business as usual

Summer is over, well, at least Labor Day has passed. Hurricane season is in full force. Look out Gulf Shores and Orange Beach! College football season is about to start here. Who knows what that will look like? Cardboard fans and piped in cheers? Through it all Ice Box Portable Cold Storage hasn’t missed a beat. We’ve served butcher shops, florists and caterers, chain restaurants, church based feeding programs and the list goes on. But we can’t serve all who call. Sometimes geography or lack of equipment takes us out of the game. Even when that happens, though, we don’t leave customers stranded.
I recently had a call from a great repeat customer right here close to where I live. Like two miles from my house close. I had no equipment available. Nothing. So I called an associate in the business (in North Georgia) and got him to agree to cover my customer. He drove over 200 miles to park a trailer basically within site of my house to take care of my customer. I believe you call that a win – win situation. Thank you, Hal!
Similarly I had a food service distribution company customer at a food expo in north Alabama who had a lot of frozen food left over and needed to get it back to Birmingham. Too much to fit in his car, not enough to hire a cold courier so I cranked the generator on my trailer and took his supplies back to Birmingham for him. As a rule we are not transporters but in the spirit of getting things done for a great customer I was glad to do it. Bottom line: In the spirit of good service I try to never say “no” or “I can’t”. I’d rather find a solution to your problem whether or not it benefits me. So remember, “when you lose your cool, we come to the rescue”.

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