Welcome to Ice Box Portable Cold Storage

Folks, I’ve spent a lifetime in the restaurant, food service, hospitality and catering business wearing every hat from restaurant manager to business owner to food service sales to purchasing agent for hotel chains and major food service distributors. One thing that has remained constant through it all is that everybody needs or wishes he had more cold storage. Especially here in the deep south where 8 out of 12 month are summer time weather.

As the operator of a refrigerated courier service I was frequently asked to park my trucks at a restaurant or otherwise make them available for off site caterings for folks who needed more cold storage on a temporary basis. Leaving a refrigerated truck at a customers place wasn’t economical for me or them but it did spawn the idea that is now ICE BOX PORTABLE COLD STORAGE.

ICE BOX PORTABLE COLD STORAGE located in Central Alabama and covering all of Alabama and NW Florida proudly serves the Food Service Industry, Hospitality and Catering industries. We serve Nursing homes, Schools, independent restaurants, farms, The USCG, Chain restaurants, Festivals, Fund Raisers, Food Truck Rodeo’s, Assisted Care and Acute Care facilities, C Stores and many others.  Use when you have a breakdown, power outage, off site catering or planned maintenance.  Anywhere, anytime you need temporary, portable cold storage.  Call anytime, phones answered 24 hours a day.